Initial Evaluation: Spine

Ability Rehabilitation Initial Evaluation SpineDuring your spine treatment evaluation at our therapy center, we’re going to take very specific measurements based on the injury or problems that you are having with your spine. During your initial visit, we will evaluate: flexibility, strength, the way you move, how much you can move, endurance, and any specific functional tasks that you might be having a problem with.

After the evaluation at our therapy center, we will provide you with a summary of the issues that are affecting your spine. From this point, we will typically start you with an exercise program that you perform at home. We will provide you will instructional pictures to help you remember what exactly you’re supposed to do and make sure all the exercises are clear.

These exercises will be specifically tailored to the problems that you’re having with your spine and aim to get you healthier in the quickest and safest way possible. We will be able to progress more quickly through the program and help you to perform exercises that require our expertise and equipment in a clinic setting.

Florida is a direct access state and does not require physician’s referral for evaluation and treatment by a physical therapist. In The United States, physician’s referral is not necessary in 48 states and the District of Columbia for evaluation and some form of treatment. Only two states, Michigan and Oklahoma, require physician’s referral for treatment by a licensed physical therapist but not for evaluation.


-There are time when you might experience pain during your treatment, but it depends on your diagnosis and where you are at in the healing process.

-There are specific conditions where we do not want you to experience any pain, so we take precautions to control your pain levels during the duration of our care.

-Being uncomfortable during a session may be necessary to get you back to full functionality.

-You may experience pain during a session related to stretching of tissue that was previously injured or has been involved in a surgical procedure.

-Sometimes, you may experience flexibility restrictions that need to be resolved by manual techniques or hands on techniques that can sometimes be uncomfortable.

-Post treatment soreness is uncommon.

-We ask that you wear clothing that makes it easily accessible to treated the affected area. For example, if you have a shoulder injury, a tank top or a loose fitting shirt will it easier to see and treat the shoulder.

-During your first session, you will perform evaluation techniques and receive treatment. Therefore, clothing like dress shoes or skirts would not be recommended for this session.

-When being treated for an athletic injury, it is best to wear any clothes or shoes that are specific to that participation. This helps us to view your form and to best assess your treatment.
-Typically, the initial session will last about an hour, as well as most of the follow up sessions.
-Overall duration of care depends on the specific injury that is being treated. Most conditions we treat, will have sessions 2-3 times a week for approximately four weeks. If treatment is following a longer surgical protocol, your treatment can last up to 4-6 months. Conditions like muscle strains or acute back pain, are often treated in the 4 week period.