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Lisa Wilson
2012-03-12, 05:35

“Ability Sports Performance did a phenomenal job with our athletes! The testing they did for our players gave us a great foundation to see where the girls were at in their speed, strength and agility. They created a strength program that was specific for our players and their needs. The trainers from Ability were professional and were able to relate to the players and communicate with them extremely well. I have worked with several college strength and conditioning coaches in my career, and I was very, very impressed with how knowledgeable the trainers from Ability were and what a great job they did!

I highly recommend Ability Sports Performance to any coach or athlete who is serious about improving! “

Lisa Wilson

Blue Star Florida Basketball

Program Director and Former Women’s College Coach

Mike Vogt
2012-02-29, 07:12

“Since Frank has started working with our kids, we’ve noticed drastic improvements in a relatively short period of time. Our guys are becoming more explosive, both in the weightroom and out on the field with our speed and agility training. The 40 times are dropping and the weightroom numbers are climbing”

University Head Football Coach,

Mike Vogt

Scott C. Perry, Ed.S. Head Football Coach
2012-02-28, 18:53

Ability Rehabilitation’s sports performance specialists have been working with our team during our off-season period prior to last season. Ability Rehab’s trainers pretested our athletes, analyzed our weaknesses and developed a program to address our areas of need. Our pre-season post test results showed that our players made great impovement in their overall flexibility, linear speed, lateral quickness and directional change. This improved speed and agility directly affected our on-field performance and was evident by our improved record and playoff appearance.

Assistant Athletic Director

National Board Certified Social Studies Instructor

Lake Mary High School

(407) 320-9750

John Zeoli
2012-02-28, 12:00

Ability Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation and Frank Denoff II have been a blessing to DeLand’s basketball program. Frank’s knowledge and people skills are first class. Our basketball program and players have benefited tremendously from the training program that Frank introduced to us. Our players were stronger, more flexible, and were in better cardiovascular shape than we have ever been in the past.

John Zeoli

Head Men’s Basketball Coach

DeLand High School

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