What is Pelvic Physical Therapy?

So your doctor has referred you to a Pelvic Physical Therapist… Now what?

Recently your doctor may have referred you to a pelvic physical therapist and you may be wondering what happens next and how this therapy will help with your concerns and symptoms. You may also be wondering what happens during the first visit and subsequent follow up treatments. You may be feeling anxious or nervous or asking yourself if we treat women and men. Well, you are not alone! We hope the resources here will help to ease some of your concerns and questions.

What to Expect on Your First Visit with a Pelvic Physical Therapist
Pelvic Physical Therapy

Conditions Treated in Women and Men

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  • Post-prostatectomy urinary incontinence
  • Chronic prostatitis without inflammation
  • Chronic pelvic pain syndrome
  • Groin or abdominal pain after hernia repair
  • Groin, pelvic floor pull or hamstring pull
  • Burning, itching pain in rectum or coccyx
  • Pain in pelvic floor with orgasm and/or after orgasm
  • Burning, itching pain in penis with and/or without urination
  • Pelvic floor dysfunction relating to constipation or fecal incontinence
  • Muscles spams in pelvic floor
  • Slow urine stream, hesitancy in starting urine or pushing to start stream
  • Feeling like there’s a golf ball in the rectum

Solutions Specific to Your Concerns

  • Manual Therapy- joint mobilization, Myofacial release, Strain/counterstrain, muscle energy
  • Exercise-stretching or flexibility, muscle strengthening or relaxation
  • Education as to cause of bladder, bowel or pelvic pain concerns and strategies to improve symptoms
  • Sport specific training
  • Biofeedback or Electrical Stimulation for muscle strengthening, relaxation or pain management

Her Inner Strength Program

Her Inner Strength has been specially design for the postpartum mom whether 6 weeks, 6 months or beyond 6 years.

Many times moms will focus on the outside, what they see in the mirror and want to fix the “mummy tummy” or narrow the gap in the abdominal muscles (diastasis rectus abdomins) by doing exercises that may make it worse. Return to jogging to burn calories but are leaking urine (urinary incontinence) . While ignoring how their body feels on the Inside.

Some moms may feel a heaviness or pressure in their pelvic floor. Some may even feel a bulge when wiping. Pelvic organ prolapse (POP) is defined as when an organ such as the bladder, uterus, bowel descends into the vagina. This may or may not cause urinary incontinence. Some may have painful intercourse after a tear or episiotomy and some may have back, shoulder and neck pain while caring for baby.

Taking time for yourself to have a full recovery from pregnancy and delivery is not selfish. You deserve a body able to function optimally as you care for your family and yourself. Her Inner Strength is designed specifically for you.

Ability Rehabilitation woman-mom-baby-beach-stretch-workout

Common Goals:

  • No longer have urinary leaking with sneezing and walking down stairs carrying my baby

  • Return to jogging 3 miles without feeling heaviness in pelvic floor (from POP)

  • Able to have intercourse without pain

  • Able to lift baby into car seat without back pain

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