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Early Return to Work (ERTW) Customized Workers’ Compensation and Disability Program

Through our Ability Rehabilitation Early Return To Work (ERTW) program, we provide workers’ compensation and disability rehabilitation uniquely designed for the “industrial athlete” to help them get back to work as quickly and safely as possible.

Early Return To Work

The 4 Pillars of Therapy for the Industrial Athlete





Each piece of the ERTW program is designed specifically for your business and industry, meaning we work with you to develop world-class prevention strategies and work-specific rehabilitation protocols to ensure your employees miss as little time as possible and, if they are injured, are empowered to achieve their rehabilitation goals.

About ERTW

Our specially-designed workers’ compensation and disability program provide employers with:

  • Consistent, streamlined services aimed at minimizing risk and limiting exposure (specifically where lost time is concerned)

  • Accelerated return to work protocols

  • Enhanced prevention techniques

We provide a complete nexus for prevention, treatment, and recovery for the industrial athlete at all stages of their employment including:

  • Preventative Services

  • New Hires

  • Injured Employees

  • Aging Workforce

  • Job Transfers

  • Modified or Transitional Duties

  • Return to Work

  • Progress Checks

Dedicated Workers’ Compensation and Disability
Assistance Hotline for Employers: 407-688-0070

Employer Services for Workers’ Compensation and Disability

Job Demand Analysis
Functional Capacity Evaluations
Post Offer Screening
Work Conditioning
Ergonomic Workstation
Job Specific Rehabilitation
Job Transfer Testing
On Site Therapy Support
Educational Programs
Aging Workforce

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