Back Pain Therapy

One of the most common conditions treated in physical therapy is back pain. There are many things we can do to help if you’ve been experiencing back pain for a short or an extended period of time.

Acute Back Pain

If you are experiencing an acute episode of back pain, we will perform an initial evaluation that will look at the basics of strength, range of motion, flexibility and your functional ability. The main focus of our therapy will be to reduce your pain and return you to a regular base of function.

Chronic Back Pain

If you’ve been experiencing back pain for an extended period of time, the focus of your therapy will be on fixing any limitations that have been ongoing. Back pain will change how you move and how you function everyday. This will create substitutions in how you move, including your hip movement, how you hold your shoulders, and your general posture.

Back Pain Treatment

We can help you to strengthen muscles that haven’t been working properly and help you to perform different movements that will help any muscles that have been affected by the back pain. Our therapy programs are specifically tailored to you, to best fit your needs and get you moving as close to functional as possible.

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